Brick By Brick






Detailed Design


RUFFARCHITECT has been appointed by Brick By Brick to deliver 5 Sites providing 91 New Homes adjacent to the greenbelt in mixture of typologies and tenure.
Our masterplan link the 5 sites together with a new green path that along the greenbelt.
  There is an opportunity to enhance the functionality, accessibility and quality of
the remaining verge and to improve wayfinding to the open space and
public footpaths beyond.


The proposal to each site is considered on its immediate context as
well as forming a collective narrative due to the unique opportunity of
developing three separate sites along one single road.


In response to the numerous constraints and local context, the sites are envisaged as permeable public landscapes with a series of compact pavilions that nestle themselves between the existing conditions, subservient to the natural landscape that surrounds them.

While it can be argued the sites are of visual significance rather than functional, the proposed developments seek to uplift and re-engage the wider community with a series of unused road spaces prone to misuse and neglect. This provides the opportunity to uplift a series of transient and unused roadside green verge spaces, with the intention being, to establish pedestrian routes to encourage physical and visual interaction along the southern edge of Fairchildes Ave. The verdant tree line to the Green Belt will be enhanced and the visual connection re-established. A soft landscaping scheme will be developed that seeks to improve the quality of the remaining space through a variety of tree planting, shrubs and plants.
The intention is to improve the overall biodiversity of the sites.


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