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One of our three sites positioned along Fairchildes Avenue in New Addington, this challenging site formed part of the underused green verge along the southern side of the road. An existing entrance to a bridleway provided the opportunity to create improved access to walking routes for the local residents. This building will provide 11 flats for affordable rent, with a focus on providing homes suitable for families. 

 A four-storey pavilion block is placed on the site, shaped in response to various site constraints and with respect to its immediate context. A consistent theme of space is considered throughout with the inclusion of open recessed balconies and sensitively used fenestration treatment, providing maximised daylight, creating effective shading and reducing solar gain. The building’s articulation also takes advantage of the views afforded by its unique location near the border to the Green Belt.

The efficient footprint of the building allows us to maximise the landscaping and amenity for the benefit of the residents and the existing local community, providing new routes through the site and improved access to the existing bridleway. 

A strong material concept, taking reference from the built context, brings a contemporary and distinctive character to the building, creating a new local vernacular for the area. The two sites along Fairchildes Avenue collectively use this approach to create a new typology that deals with the unique nature of these sites, reinforced with subtle changes in brick tone and detail. 

The block is broken centrally to express the position of the stairwell, visually breaking down the overall form of the building. A stepped brick profile creates an interesting texture that rises up the building and wraps around to emphasise a corner entrance, with maximised space included to create a distinctive place for all residents to enjoy daily. 

Our landscape strategy on this site creates an improved provision of family-friendly space surrounding the building, integrating with sustainable drainage features and planting to improve the local biodiversity with respect to nearby animal habitats. The landscaping builds on the activity and green corridor link between the development sites along Fairchildes avenue. The planting of new indigenous species allows us to compliment the distinctive nature of the existing treeline.

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04_RUFFARCHITECTS_Site K_Front Elevation
05_RUFFARCHITECTS_Site K_Rear Elevation.
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