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We are excited to announce that we are working on the next stage of the Frinton-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club’s future. The proposals coincide with the 120th anniversary year of the Club, founded in 1899.


We have made key changes to the internal configuration of the building, often referring to historic layouts and plans. The internal and external refurbishment proposals enhance both the increasing members experience and the betterment of an already successful rentable venue facility.


Once a key club on the global tennis circuit, and one of the largest clubs in the country with 16 grass courts, before the advent of the professional game in the late 1960s many of the top players would venture to Frinton-on-Sea after the Wimbledon fortnight had finished.


With its historic and spectacular thatched clubhouse, as a tournament venue, Frinton-on-Sea has attracted the world's leading tennis players for over seven decades. We hope that through careful curation and support from existing and new members, the success of the club will be safe guarded. We are determined to ensure that anyone who visits Frinton tennis club, whether as a player or spectator, will never forget the experience.

 Please find latest Design Proposals at the following link:

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