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This site is located at the junction between King Henry’s Drive and Fairchildes Avenue, currently a grass verge which is dominated by the line of tall trees to the south. This site presents the opportunity to create a distinctive marker building, seen upon entering and leaving the Croydon borough boundary with Surrey. This building will provide 17 flats for affordable rent, with a focus on providing homes suitable for families. 

 A six-storey pavilion block is placed on the site, positioned in response to various site constraints, forming part of the new typology of buildings along Fairchildes Avenue. The efficient footprint of the building allowed us to maximise the landscaping and amenity on the site and to allow the building to remain subservient to the dominant treeline to the south.


Open, recessed balconies and a contextually sensitive fenestration treatment are provided to maximise daylight, create effective shading, and reduce solar gain, providing usable private amenity for residents. The building takes a position on the corner of this junction, creating a characteristic new structure while avoiding overshadowing and overlooking of neighbouring buildings.

A strong material concept, taking reference from the built context, brings a contemporary and distinctive character to the building, creating a new local vernacular for the area. The two sites along Fairchildes Avenue collectively use this approach to create a new typology that deals with the unique nature of these sites, reinforced with subtle changes in brick tone and detail. Varying brick bonding patterns add a playfulness to the elevational treatments and structured window placements.

The block is broken centrally to express the position of the stairwell, visually breaking down the overall form of the building. A stepped brick profile creates an interesting texture that rises up the building and wraps around to emphasize the entrance on the corner, positioned to make it legible on all approaches to the building.

A landscape strategy on the site creates an improved provision of playspace surrounding the building, integrated with sustainable drainage features, which connects to the green corridor link between the development sites. Biodiverse planting is provided to reinforce the existing nearby habitats and to create a diverse landscape for residents which changes with the seasons. 

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