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Tottenham Hale Pavilion

Client:Argent Related


Status:Detailed Design


Our proposals for a vibrant, mixed-use, dynamic pavilion sit at the heart of London-based developer, Related-Argent's plans for a vibrant new North London neighbourhood. Independent restaurants, shops, cafes, office space, new health centre, and over 1000 homes all form part of a new central public square which the Tottenham Hale Pavilion centralises.

The project was commissioned following an invited competition, our response to the brief sought to create a scheme that balanced moments of openness and quieter spaces sheltered from the activity around. These opposing conditions require a suitably dynamic building. Orientated to enclose specific parts of the civic square, the lower volume shifts and steps in plan to provide a mix of shelter and access, giving a duality to the ground floor of the slender scheme.

Despite sharing a similar footprint, the upper floor differs dramatically from the ground floor, establishing a strong distinction between base and top. The translucent top is designed to be just as flexible as the active ground level, accommodating different functions throughout the day. Public areas of the first floor provide a considered outlook during the daytime and are illuminated internally at night, becoming a wayfinding beacon and focal point of the square.

The mixed-use 750sqm Pavilion utilises Modern Methods of Construction to create a civic centrepiece at economical build rates. Falling centrally within the wider masterplan, the site becomes a crossing point for new walking, cycling and tube access routes established as part of the sustainable mobility strategy. The new civic square will be a picturesque symbol of regeneration for new and existing residents alike.

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