Competition, Shortlisted


A competition launched by SPUD to provide a temporary residence for 12 selected artists over a period of 2 years.  The collaboration with Pablo Smidt, 10 years the lead at the Anish Kapoor Studio,  is based on a Fiberglass  casting of a standard ISO 20’ shipping contain providing a unique  interpretation of utilitarian manufacturing as a conceptual installation as well as a shelter / studio / open-house / sculpture / installation / beacon.


The ‘Mappa Mundi’ technique allows a volume to be defined in two separate but linked spaces translating into our wider interpretation of artist studio/public shelter and observatory of the world.

Reinterpreting the idea of the classical internal courtyard where private and public space intersect, a pivoting point and rotational ability of the structure allows reconfiguration to suit site specific requirements, artist preference, public engagement or whimsical countless reconfiguration.

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