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Brick By Brick Ltd.







This scheme provides a mixture of five houses and four flats on a challenging infill garage site in New Addington, with a tenure mix of affordable rent and shared ownership.

A terraced block is inserted onto the linear site in direct response to the existing mature trees that overhang to the south, split in two to create a shared garden at the base of the existing tree. The terraced arrangement of a shared typology between houses and flats reflects the urban grain of the surrounding buildings along Thorpe Close.


The new building is carefully positioned to minimise impact on the neighbours and to maintain vehicular access to the garages of existing properties. This creates a shared street which provides a social amenity space for the use of the residents. 


The profile of the building responds sensitively to the height of the existing houses, reducing the visual impact to the neighbouring properties while maintaining broad and green outlooks for all. The positioning of windows and recessed terraces have been carefully considered to mitigate any overlooking issues and create a balanced rhythm of solid and void across the facade. A simple brick material is used to allow the new building to fit in comfortably with the range of brick types and colours seen in the surrounding area.

02_RUFFARCHITECTS_Site A_Street Aerial C
04_RUFFARCHITECTS_Site A_Front Elevation
05_RUFFARCHITECTS_Site A_Rear Elevation.
06_RUFFARCHITECTS_Site A_Front Elevation
06_RUFFARCHITECTS_Site A_Rear Elevation
03_RUFFARCHITECTS_Site K_Street Scene Co
03_RUFFARCHITECTS_Site A_Street Scene Co
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