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City of London Corporation








We were recently directly appointed by the City of London to provide design proposals for a modern educational space inside the Grade I Listed South Tower at Tower Bridge. Working directly with the City of London as the project's clients, the new learning centre will be designed to make the most of its location, rather than work against it, encouraging curiosity and provoking a sense of place.


We are working closely in line with the scope provided by the City of London Education Officer to design a space which will feel welcoming, special and accessible, providing a world class education facility. The existing Grade I Listed building provides challenging and innovative requirements for its refurbishment and adaptation into an education space.


The existing fire escapes, access stairs and flooring will all need to be upgraded and amended to provide new building fabric in a sensitive and appropriate manner. Many elements of the classroom environment (smart board, storage, display space, etc.) will be incorporated, whilst consciously trying not create a typical classroom feel.


Throughout the development of our proposals we are looking to ensure that the space will remain flexible in order to future-proof the value of the facility, as over time the audience will expand, working increasingly with older students, adults, families and community groups.

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