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We have been invited to participate as an emerging new architectural practice to design an installation in the seven storey atrium space of No.8 Fitzroy Street, London.


Vertical Delight is about people, connection, meeting intentionally or accidentally, friendship, display.  A vertical link formed of a series of stairs, platforms and meeting spaces transforms the atrium space  into a bustling market of ideas & conversations between staff, clients, visitors... everyone.


Made from the everyday, but made special with a golden makeover, the scaffolding sculpture provides varying habitable spaces, both intimate and public.


A jewel at the centre of an outward looking organisation that hopes to physically interpret and embrace the true ARUP’s philosophy of creating a structure that is for the benefit if the employees.

RUFFarchitects_ARUP Vertical Delight (16
RUFFarchitects_ARUP Vertical Delight (1)
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