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KIN Developments with Shed KM








RUFFARCHITECTS were part of a small group, including Carmody Groarke, Gort Scott, Bell Philips and IF Do, invited to pitch to the team at Kin Developments & ShedKM to help inform development ideas for a former gas-works site in Wandsworth. The brief itself was open and we were given creative licence to provide a thought-provoking response to the opportunities and challenges of the site and what underpinned good Placemaking.   


Our core studio principles fed directly into our think piece, Responding to Context, Homes not Units, and Establishing Communities. In our entry we looked at developing a masterplan rather than isolated build opportunities, with reference to the history of the site and connections its surroundings.


We focused in showing how first Life, then Space then Buildings gave a viable delivery solution to this strategic site focused on the importance of four main character areas; developing a flexible and mixed use public realm, a waterside walkway, a high street, and a parkland. We led with our firm belief that first you establish placemaking and community, then create spaces to fulfil these community needs, and then develop framing and living, providing architectural character through continuation of townscape to embed added identity to the site.


We opted to use a modular construction method within this masterplan, to enable us to embed worthwhile use in the site from the outset and flex and phase the project as necessary. The active ground, lower ground and riverside areas would ensure the spectacle of construction could be seen and inhabited throughout, establishing strong links with the existing community and environment.

Wandsworth 3 step plan.JPG
Aerial View - Phasing 01.jpg
Aerial View - Phasing 02.jpg
Aerial View - Phasing 03.jpg
Aerial View - Phasing 04.jpg
River View.jpg
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