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Studio: MIPIM

RUFFARCHITECTS Director Paul Ruff reflects on his time at this years MIPIM alongside RIBA;

”Our studio, like many others, has been navigating the challenges of the past six years of austerity while looking to consistently exceed expectations for our clients and the communities that will ultimately benefit from our housing schemes in their day to day lives.

This year's MIPIM was characterised by a sense of optimism, notwithstanding an underlying recognition of the ongoing trauma within the industry. Despite the difficult market conditions, there was a notable emphasis on the living sector, keeping alive the much-needed discussion of providing quality homes for people. Supported by the Housing Minister and fuelled by consultant-led innovations, there was a focus on improving London, the country, and our approach to housing.

Initiatives like Opportunity London, the New London Agenda, and the emerging Social Housing Agenda help us remain positive – the best minds committed to progressive solutions. These borough-wide initiatives aim to address real local needs and deliver genuinely affordable homes for residents, with a focus on championing regeneration over gentrification.

Having worked on housing schemes across the UK, most recently in Oxford and Croydon, we’ve seen firsthand the pressure facing the affordable and socially rented housing sector. As Sixty Bricks follows in the footsteps of Brick by Brick, it’s clear that the sector is not out of the woods yet. Worthwhile entities like these need time, support and space to flourish. It may take effort, but it’s worth it for these initiatives to succeed.”


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