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Barnet House


Value:75 million



This prominent 11 storey former office block on the High Road, is remodelled and extended to prove 260 new residential apartments with four new 5 storey buildings to the west, on the previous carparking. The 235,269 sqm / 2,532,415 sqft mixed use development reactivates this brownfield site.
The scheme is served by a significant new basement and 660 sqm of podium landscape, providing a central courtyard. The new ground floor commercial space in Barnet House provides activation and a tranquil space is formed that new residents enjoy. The landscape also traverses the 4.5m level change across the site to the adjacent Baxendale Gardens and the surrounding streets.

Ever Ready House, designed in 1966 by Richard Seifert was re-named Barnet House in 1986. It has sat empty since the most recent tenant and local employer, London Brough of Barnet, relocated in 2021. Whilst this residential focus refurbishment provides new local homes and commercial employment, it also ensures this significant scale local landmark is enhanced to provide a high-quality new investment to the Whetstone town centre, driving wider economic investment.

Refurbishment rather than demolition provides a significant embodied carbon saving for the scheme, whilst also a challenging conversion to new residential best practice provisions. Innovative slab extension, increase the original building floorplates from 723sqm to 1190sqm, as well as in height, enlarging the building to 13 storeys. This enables additional staircases and triple aspect units to be formed benefiting from far reaching views over London.
Taken through planning by Tate Hindle, we are undertaking detail design and delivery with CField Construction and the Client, Meadow.

Reuse and adaptation are embedded in sound sustainable strategies addressing decarbonisation aligning with our Studio values of retrofit and fabric first approaches.

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