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Marstead Living


Value:80 million

Status:Detailed Design


Eight red-brick residential buildings supported by five further amenity buildings, providing a spa, community café, pavilion, restaurant and community centre forms this significant 315,500sqft / 29, 315sqm offering in North London.

Sitting within Mill Hill conservation area and greenbelt, the later living housing is targeted at local residents, whilst attracting nationwide interest to enjoy this parkland setting. 175 new purpose designed apartments nestle amongst long vistas and 7.3 HA of existing mature landscape.

4.3 HA of new publicly accessible land as been created, whilst maintaining a dedicated 3.0 HA of private historical amenity. The retention of 276 and planting of 175 new native species trees further embellishes the setting.

Our detailed design and delivery started with full revisions to planning approvals, revised layouts, accommodation mix and building articulation. This allowed CField and our Client, Marstead Living, the opportunity to create and deliver new homes reflective of the sensibilities of the occupiers. This luxury amenity, catering for a senior demographic, provides adaptive homes. Generously sized beyond NPSS, providing flexible use, all bathrooms are wheelchair accessible with adaptable kitchens from day one.

Maintaining the tranquillity of the sloping site moves all logistical elements below ground, creating a service basement and connecting secondary residential entrances. Design sensitivity around existing mature tree roof protection zones and future excavation strategies, the lower-level link also provides building service distribution and concierge carparking. Whilst above ground, the landscape is entirely pedestrian focused, allowing free movement between neighbouring apartments and the extensive amenities. The spa and restaurant provide active ground floor frontage and exploit the scenic views and rich bio-diverse natural landscape.

This significant project champions reuse of brownfield sites with much needed senior residential living, providing safe, quality homes in beautiful environments.

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