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Corbett Close

Client:Brick By Brick Ltd




Corbett Close is a collection of 11 affordable family homes on the edge of the Green Belt, proposed as part of a trio of developments along Fairchildes Avenue. Our four-storey pavilion orientates itself to views of both the stunning natural setting, and the new green corridor linking the three development sites. A collective vision links our series of proposals, stitching together the street offering a striking, contemporary typology that subtly references the existing built vernacular of New Addington Croydon.

An efficient building footprint maximises the landscaping and amenity for the benefit of the residents and the existing local community. Breaking centrally, the volume expresses the position of the stairwell, visually lifting the building. The core is carved, creating space for an open stairwell introducing light from multiple orientations giving a sense of expansiveness with layered views between interconnected volumes.

A stepped brick profile creates interest and texture that rises up the building and wraps around to emphasise a corner entrance. The refined material palette includes a brick selection that compliments those of the adjacent sites. These materials origionate from a local quarry that operates the only hand fired kiln in the UK, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the development and grounding the textured articulation.

Our landscape strategy implements sustainable drainage and planting of new indigenous species with a view to improving local biodiversity and animal habitats. The sensitivity to the edge of greenbelt setting allows these additions to positively contribute to the activity along the green corridor. Improving access routes and reactivating the bridleway bordering the site promotes connectivity and community access.

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